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Do you really want to risk a felony record that can cost you:

  • a load of legal fees
  • scholarships & grants
  • school disciplinary action
  • a future dream job
  • your voting rights

Would you give your wallet to some rando on the street?

Of course not!

But in ordering a fake ID, you’ll “trust” an online criminal who will then:

  • use YOUR personal deets to create IDs for human & sex traffickers, and terrorists
  • sell your info to identity thieves who can scam & steal from you
  • put your parent’s financial security at risk
The Fake ID Business

Today’s fakes are totally different from those in the 90s, 80s, or earlier.

Why? The Internet.

Fake ID orders are a direct line to criminals.

Do you really want your kids to spoon-feed their name, home address, and photo (which are all personally identifiable!) to crime gangs?

Fake IDs support terrible crimes.

Your kid’s data can be used to create IDs for human & sex traffickers or for domestic and international terrorists.

Fake IDs ruin your family’s credit.

Identity theft is no joke and is a hassle with potentially dire consequences for your entire family’s financial life. The personal information supplied by your kids leaves you vulnerable to identity theft, too.

Fake IDs already cost you about $1,000 a year.

Let that sink in. Each adult taxpayer pays about $1,000 a year to mitigate costs related to identity theft, underage drinking, check & returns fraud, and terrorism – fake IDs enable each of these crimes.

Fake IDs facilitate behaviors and poor decisions like binge drinking, drunk driving, and sexual assault, all of which can devastate lives for years.
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Have the awkward talk about these tough topics.

Don’t count on a slap on the wrist if your kid is caught with a fake ID. Consequences are escalating and their future is at stake.

Share your story

Has your family been affected by fake ID crimes? We’re compiling real experiences to help other families. Please consider sharing – your name will remain confidential and will not be associated with your story.

DSA’S TONY POOLE and ALEX KAMBANIS’ eye-opening discussion about counterfeit IDs with host Ian Grossman of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators’ podcast.

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